About My Business

I started doing Drywall full time when I was eighteen. I now have over 25 years
experience. My Father, Uncle and many of my cousins all helped to teach me
the art of doing Drywall. My Uncle owned one of the best Drywall Company's in
Sacramento, the 60's to the 90's. I learned how to give an honest days worth of
work. In the beginning I scrapped and stocked Sheetrock. I then learned
hanging the Sheetrock and it must be done right to give you a High Quality
Finished Product. I then moved on  to the Finishing process. Taping, Topping,
Skim coats to smooth wall.
Then I started to do the Textures from hand textures to spray textures.

In the 90's I went Union and did commercial work for the last 15 years.
I specialized in Patch Man work and small 1 man jobs mostly store fronts and
elevator lobby's and many other high end projects. I have made some custom
textures and still learning all the time. There are some new products for Drywall
out there some good some bad.

What I will Provide for you!
A very Proud Professional person who will give you an honest bid and a fare
price for all your drywall needs. I show up on time, do the work and leave no
mess. I use a dustless vac, I try very hard to not create dust.
One of the many things I have learned over the years is customers do not like
to see a messy job site. My goal is to leave High Quality finished product each
and every time know matter how big or small the job is.

It's great answering the phone or e-mail, bidding the job, doing the work and
then getting paid by the customer. I love being the BOSS!!!
About David